Ben Lee-Delisle

Music for Cartoons and Children’s TV


The Amazing World of Gumball

Gumball and Darwin sneak into a rainbow factory, but are sorely disappointed by what they find. 

The Hive - Disney Junior

The worldwide hit show about bees. It’s popular in China apparently. 

Numberblocks - Theme Song

The hit Cbeebies show. It’s like Alphablocks, but with er… numbers.

The Amazing World of Gumball

Our heroes are determined to fill Mr. Robinson’s heart with love. By any means necessary.

More Stuff! A Christmas Song

A song about the true meaning of Christmas.

Toot the Tiny Tugboat - Channel 5

Toot is cute, a hoot, and strong to boot. Okay, you get the idea. 

Stitch Up Showdown

Reece Shearsmith ('League of Gentlemen', 'Inside No. 9’ voices the theme for this anarchic Nickelodeon show

Those Scurvy Rascals

The award-winning Nickelodeon show about pirates who only steal pants. Of course. 


A lovely looking pilot for a new series based on the Monkey legend 

Olive the Ostrich - Nick Jr

Olive likes to bury her head in the sand, and invent imaginary worlds. Insert your own Brexit joke here. 

Fish Head Steve

Steve wakes up to find a few things have changed. Oh, and his head is, literally, a fish. 

The Pinky and Perky Show

Some of my favourite clips from this CGI  remake of the classic 1960's TV show